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The phenomenon of globalization has unearthed a major question. With a huge market of non-English speaking customers, how can we facilitate communication to such a large subset of individuals without paying an arm and a leg for translation? In this article, we'll introduce you to IBM WebSphere Translation Server (WTS) for Multiplatforms v5.0. As you will see, WTS can address the translation needs for an enterprise organization. This product can deliver content to end users in their native languages. The delivery is performed at a fraction of the cost of professional human translation and done on the fly. We will show you how to install WTS and programmatically interact with it using Java. For our studies, we used the Windows environment. However, WTS is also available for Sun Solaris, AIX, and Linux. Some Background on WTS WTS supports bidirectional translation of c... (more)

Gmail Now Translates

Google Translate now works in Gmail. In 41 languages; 98% of web users reportedly speak one of them. Google Translate is better than Babelfish, but machine translation still has a ways to go, as Google admits. "Message Translation" is under "settings" in the "Lab" section in standalone Gmail and Gmail in the standard edition of Google Apps. App Premier and Apps Education users need to see their administrators. Other e-mail doesn't have the feature. Google Translate product manager Jeff Chin attributes being able to scale the feature to all Gmail users to the "power of cloud computing." ... (more)

Translation in the Cloud: Google Translation Center Launches in Beta

A new beta test of a document translation service called Google Translation Center is being launched this week. Users will be able to upload a document and request translations into over 40 languages. They can choose between professional or volunteer translators. If the translator accepts, a user will receive the translated document back once it is ready, at a price agreed independently of Google. Sign in to Google Translation Center with your Account To attract translators, Google is running the following appeal: "Passionate about bringing content into your language? Browse through Google Translation Center to find open translation requests into your language. Accept translation requests and use Google translation tools to provide quick, high-quality translations." Seems that, even in The Cloud, humans still have a place. Reacting to the news of the new service, Brian... (more)

Lousy Shelters

It was an early morning at King's Cross, where I live. Well, used to live would probably be the right term. You see I don't live in a nice flat or in a big house. I live on the streets. Actually I was a normal hardworking guy just like you. But all that changed when I lost my job earlier this year. But like most people with no home I don't like sleeping on the ground. So I do like most of us and go to one of those shelters the Government made for us. So I packed my stuff and went to the nearest shelter. This was a shelter near my old home so I knew the way. I quickly brushed my hair; a good impression is everything. But it turned out that even a bum like myself was in better shape than the shelter. It seemed nice on the outside though. Most of the windows had been smashed but most of the buildings around here had smashed windows so what did it matter? At least I cou... (more)

Does Google Translate Suck?

Before I get into the main part of the blog post, I want to preface this whole thing by saying that I am well aware of the problems of doing language translation by a machine. It's an inherently difficult problem. My issue here isn't so much with Google Translate as it is with the public perception of Google. I've read a few reviews of Google Translate and seen some blog posts. The general consensus is that because Google built it, its awesome and flawless. People think that Google is building this massive, soon-to-become-self-aware giant brain in the cloud that is sucking intelligence out of search patterns to be used for some world dominating purpose in the future. This is rubbish because we know Google doesn't start Judgement Day, Cyberdyne does. Sheesh, anybody knows that. So, what's different about Google Translate than other previous attempts at machine transl... (more)

Language Weaver CEO Says Professional Translators Are Using Software-based Statistical Translation to Expand Business

In Berlin for Localization World, a global conference that focuses on translation and localization, Language Weaver CEO Mark Tapling said today that the future is bright for Language Service Providers (LSPs) who embrace statistical machine translation as a tool to greatly expand business and increase margins. Language Weaver is a leader in high-speed, software-based translation for the enterprise. Unlike competitors that use conventional rule-based methods of machine translation, Language Weaver’s platform uses proprietary statistical processes to rapidly produce high volume, highly accurate translations. “The Language Weaver value proposition consists of three key elements – speed, volume and accuracy,” said Tapling. “Language Service Providers (LSPs) share the same goals – and so we’re able to provide great value to our ... (more)

Google Takes On Mechanical Turk With Translation Center

Google does a decent job translating Web pages from other languages, but machine-based translation is still not good enough for when you need a truly accurate translation. A new service called the Google Translation Center looks like Google is making its machine-translation technologies available to human translators. If you have a document that needs translating, you can upload it and request a translator to work on it. The service can accommodate both professional and volunteer translators, and lets them use Google’s automatic translation tools and dictionaries to do their work. This could make translations a lot easier to do because the machine translation tools could take a first pass at the documents, meaning the translator would just have to correct any mistakes instead of starting with a blank screen. The Translation Center is set up as a marketplace for match... (more)

Language Weaver to Focus on Automated Translation for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty at Machine Translation Summit XII

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 08/25/09 -- Human communication solutions provider Language Weaver today announced its presence at Machine Translation Summit XII (, at the Château Laurier in Ottawa, Canada, Aug. 26-30. Hannah Grap, one of Language Weaver's translation industry specialists will lead a session for commercial users about automated translation and protecting brand value at 4:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, Aug. 27. Grap's session, Ranking MT Quality: Focus on the Brand, will touch on the importance of accurately conveying meaning, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling more effective communication through automated translation Language Weaver will host an exhibit at the Machine Translation Summit's Technology Showcase Friday, Aug. 28. The exhibit, which is open to the press and public, will feature automated ... (more)

Best of Both Worlds: Lingotek Launches “Crowdsourcing” Translation Platform Enabling Human and Machine Translation

At Localization World today, Lingotek introduced software-as-a-service (SaaS) collaborative translation technology that enables organizations to cost-effectively centralize and streamline the translation of a significantly higher volume of content across hundreds of languages. This Web-based “crowdsourcing” platform, shown in booth 104, combines into one application the workflow and computer-aided translation capabilities found in recently introduced translation tools. As a result, a community of humans can translate text of any kind, rank the translation for accuracy and provide final edits, all via a browser from anywhere in the world. Lingotek’s machine translation captures translated text and then suggests the translated text when the words or phrases appear again, reducing the overall time and effort required for translation. Organizations already benefiting f... (more)

Best Western Web Site 'Translates' Into Convenient Booking for International Travelers

PHOENIX, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- - Content Now Provided in Eight Languages Best Western International announced today the addition of translated content to its web site at One-hundred percent of the company's online hotel and booking information is now available in French, German, Italian and International Spanish. Additionally, all Asian hotel property listings and reservations web pages are available in simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. (Logo: "The completion of our globalization project is an important step forward in serving the needs of our more than five million international travel guests who stay with us each year," said David Kong, president and CEO of Best Western International. "The ability for our customers to learn about properties or book a reserv... (more)

Jonckers Develops White Paper on Machine Translation

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- As a reflection of the growing importance of considering and utilizing the benefits of Machine Translation David Brown, Project Management Team Leader for Jonckers, has authored a new white paper titled 'MT and its impact on L10N'. (Logo: Drawing on Jonckers expertise and leadership in the application of this technology within projects from clients including Microsoft, SWIFT and Cisco the paper provides a functional overview of the technologies, a practical guide to adoption and benefits, and a discussion of where our experience suggests the technology can be used to greatest effect. Jorge Estevez, Group Operations Manager for Jonckers, commented "In order to meet the strategic demands of our clients a knowledge and working application of this type of technology is crit... (more)